BMW Electric FAQs

BMW i4 EV Charging

BMW’s electric models have unrelenting appeal with premium features and exciting capabilities. However, if you are new to owning and driving an electric vehicle, you may have many questions that need to be answered before confidently making your purchase. At BMW of Milwaukee North, we happily support our customers with all aspects of their purchase. What should you know about BMW electric vehicles?

Do you need special equipment to charge your vehicle?

Your BMW electric vehicle will come with a Flexible Fast Charger, which functions with a 120-volt or 240-volt power outlet. This enables you to charge your vehicle regardless of where the road takes you. With a 240-volt outlet, you can charge a completely dead battery to 100 percent in 12 hours.

A BMW Wallbox is offered as an option, and it is designed to be installed at home. You can enjoy 28 miles of driving power for each charging hour with this charger. Public charging stations are also available, and you can conveniently find compatible stations through the MyBMW app and your BMW’s in-vehicle navigation system.

How do you install a WallBox charging station at home?

Before the charging station can be installed on your property, the electrical service available should be inspected. In some cases, it may need to be upgraded to be compatible with your new vehicle. Qmerit or another local installation company can complete WallBox installation.

Does the vehicle charge while driving?

BMW’s plug-in hybrid and electric models are engineered with regenerative braking. This means that they can partially recharge through braking and deceleration.

How often should you charge your BMW?

Charging your BMW electric car is as simple as charging your smartphone. Ideally, you will keep your battery charged between 20 percent and 80 percent. Unless you plan to drive your BMW extensively, there is no need to keep it fully charged at 100 percent. You can extend your charging by using the preconditioning feature. By preconditioning the battery while connected to a power outlet, you can optimize the battery’s range.

Do you have other questions about charging your BMW electric car? At BMW of Milwaukee North, we want you to have a fantastic ownership experience with your next BMW, and we are happy to answer all of your questions. Contact the BMW of Milwaukee North sales reps today to inquire about our models and their charging needs.